Oil and Gas Industry

Sampling for Waste Characterization, Storm Water and Groundwater Quality

Stone Environmental Engineering and Science, Inc. offers the following turnkey services to the oil and gas industry throughout the eastern portion of Ohio:

  • Waste characterization for disposal
  • Ground/surface/storm water monitoring
  • Baseline groundwater quality monitoring

Site Design and Engineering

Stone Environmental Engineering and Science, Inc. can provide site engineering services for environmental permitting and site development for proposed and existing sites. Services provided include:

  • Construction Stormwater Permitting
  • Detailed plans preparation for construction which includes storm water management, drainage calculations, utilities, site grading, and roadways
  • Ohio EPA air permit to install applications

Governmental Entities

Stone Environmental has completed a variety of civil engineering design projects for governmental agencies throughout central and southern Ohio. Over the last four years we have worked with Ohio Department of Natural Resources, universities, and various state, county, and municipal engineers.

Park Districts

Our park service experience includes Phase I and II environmental site assessments for property acquisitions, bike and pedestrian trails and bridge design, building asbestos assessments, and lake and stream restoration. We also have experience with water, sanitary sewer and storm water design for recreation facilities.


Our firm specializes in assisting manufacturers, food processors, and other service companies in complying with the numerous environmental requirements pertaining to wastewater discharges, storm water management, spill containment, environmental audits, air emissions, and annual reporting.

Metropolitan Housing Authorities

Our project work with MHAs has included evaluating existing site utilities, studies for proposed parking lot expansions, identifying potential issues or problems associated with demolition, and preparation of construction drawings and technical specifications suitable for a demolition contractor. We have provided more than 50 Phase I ESAs for the MHA segment.

Architects / Developers

Stone Environmental has excellent relationships with several prominent architects and developers in Ohio and has assisted on many significant projects to build, renovate, and design additions for churches, medical facilities, and other types of buildings. We provide complete site design for any type of development.

Universities / Hospitals

Stone Environmental’s team of civil and environmental professional engineers has provided a broad base of services to many institutions of higher learning and medical facilities. We have successfully completed projects for state and private universities. For several hospitals we have worked with architects or developers to reconfigure entranceways, improve traffic maintenance design, and provide civil design for site redevelopment.