City of Columbus

Storm Sewer Design, Columbus Ohio

This project was divided into two separate tasks, and separate construction plans were developed for each task. To alleviate street flooding along Olentangy River Road near Troon Trail in north Columbus, Stone Environmental designed a replacement culvert to provide increased capacity for runoff from residential areas. The other task focused on alleviating flooding at a railroad underpass on East Fifth Avenue east of Grant Avenue and west of Penny Street. This task included replacement and new inlets in the East Fifth Avenue underpass and designing a new storm sewer to replace an existing, undersized conveyance.

The project included the preparation of letter reports for each area. These reports reviewed existing information, evaluated alternatives, and recommended specific improvements. The reports included hydrologic and hydraulic calculations to support the sizing of catch basins and storm sewers along East Fifth Avenue and the culvert sizing and location on Olentangy River Road at Troon Trail.

Intrusive subsurface investigations were performed for the Fifth Avenue storm sewer replacement to verify the location of existing underground utilities including water lines and fiber optic transmission lines. Construction drawings were completed for the Troon Trail project. Storm water pollution prevention plans, bidding assistance, attendance at the pre-construction meeting, reviewing shop drawings, and providing advice and direction on design issues during construction were included in the scope of these projects.

This project demonstrates the firm’s ability to evaluate and design infrastructure improvements to take into account existing concerns and to create designs that meet stringent storm water management regulations and drainage conditions.