Deer Creek State Park

Shooting Range Investigation

ODNR manages a wildlife area in Madison County adjoining Deer Creek Lake State Park. A shooting range for clay pigeons and rifles is located on the property. ODNR was issued findings and orders to identify and evaluate possible stream contamination from lead shot falling in a drainage ditch that flows across the target range. Working with the Corps of Engineers and ODNR, Stone Environmental prepared a comprehensive sampling and analysis plan to characterize the sediments in the stream, the proposed area where the stream will be located, and the disposal area for dredged soils. Samples were collected and analyzed for a variety of constituents, but predominately focused on lead as the contaminant of concern. The results of the testing identified areas that exceeded hazardous waste threshold limits for lead. These areas were identified on a site plan and will be used for remediation of the area when the shooting range is permanently closed. The results of the study were also used to delineate those soils which had to have special attention during stream relocation. The stream relocation project was completed by ODNR in early 2012.