Heritage Christian Church

Site Development/Renovation, Westerville Ohio

Heritage Christian Church

Stone Environmental provided all site engineering for a 60,000-square foot building expansion and design of a parking lot for 400 additional cars and ADA compliant walkways and parking spaces at this mega-church.  As part of the design, Stone Environmental verified the capacity of the existing water distribution system to provide adequate water for both potable and fire protection use, internally inspected the sanitary sewer serving the existing facility to verify its location, condition, and capacity to handle projected flows, and sized and relocated the gas service to the expanded facility.

Wetland factors were also taken into consideration for the design of surface water runoff and detention.  A detailed Delaware County-required storm water management plan which included water quality considerations and a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers nationwide storm water construction permit were obtained.  Delaware County requirements were completed under its Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control Program.

Stone Environmental coordinated work closely with the architect as part of this design-build project. Coordination activities were important to make sure the various utility connections could be made while keeping the building in operation.  Due to the proposed increase of traffic to the Church property, Stone Environmental studied ingress and egress requirements and designed a new left turn lane along Maxtown Road.  Design was completed in accordance with Delaware County standards and included the relocation of all affected utilities.

Stone Environmental provided services during construction including attendance at progress meetings, review of shop drawing submittals, review of field changes, and preparation of as-built drawings.

Subsequent work included a Phase I environmental site assessment of an adjoining 10-acre site for further expansion of the site.  This work included a delineation of wetlands and a survey of the trees on the site.