Malabar Farms

UST Assessment and Remediation System, Lucas, Ohio ( 2009 - Present )

For more than 10 years, a form of groundwater remediation had been in place at ODNR’s Malabar Farm property in Richland County. The existing system, however, had been unsuccessful in remediating the site, and ODNR selected Stone Environmental to reassess the site and install a system that will clean up the site and result in no further action status from BUSTR. Stone Environmental completed a reassessment of the site that included the installation and sampling of existing monitoring wells, and designed, permitted and installed a combination soil vapor extraction and groundwater treatment system to address the petroleum contaminants that are in the soil matrix. These compounds dissolve in the groundwater as the level varies depending on rainfall conditions. The site is complicated due to a drinking water well and a pond in close proximity to the contaminated area. The system went on-line in February 2012 at a cost of $78,000. Monthly costs are estimated at $3,000, and Stone Environmental estimates that the site will meet BUSTR ground water cleanup conditions within 18 months of start up. Stone Environmental also completed the application forms for reimbursement of remediation costs from the state’s underground storage tank control board.

The remediation system has an NPDES discharge permit for the treated effluent to an on-site pond which discharges to the Mohican River. The permit requires monthly sampling and reporting of influent and effluent conditions, and Stone Environmental collects the samples, prepares the monthly report, and submits it to Ohio EPA using the EDMR reporting system.