Statewide Environmental Projects, State of Ohio ( 2009 – Current )

Stone Environmental received a blanket $395,000 environmental consulting contract from the ODNR in October 2009 to work on various project across the state.  To date projects have included the following:

Malabar Farm State Park

  • Tier 1 evaluation of former underground storage tank (UST) site
  • Preparation and implementation of a remedial action plan for the site

Springville Marsh

  • Phase I ESA
  • Extensive sampling to identify limits of waste disposal
  • Assistance to ODNR to obtain federal money for site cleanup

Boch Hollow Nature preserve

  • Asbestos assessment of several structures scheduled for demolition

Deer Creek State Park

  • Developed sampling plan for shooting range
  • Implemented plan and reported results to Corps of Engineers (COE)
  • Extensive coordination with COE representatives

Cowan Lake State Park

  • Revised the closure plan for the facility
  • Sampled groundwater monitoring wells from former wood treating facility for dioxins and furans
  • Provided statistical analysis for previous sampling events and conducted current groundwater sampling for this closed hazardous waste landfill

Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area, Wayne County

  • Preliminary sampling of the hand trap shooting range and adjacent property.
  • Provided a detailed investigation with composite and grid sampling
  • Developed a soil management plan for adjoining property

Stone Environmental has interacted with Division of Engineering on these projects and responded promptly to requests for services.

Relevance:  This project demonstrates Stone Environmental’s experience working with ODNR representatives at locations throughout the state.  The project also demonstrates the firm’s experience dealing with the State Controlling Board and state funds.