Olentangy Bikeway Extension

Storm Drainage Relief

As part of a culvert replacement project, Columbus Recreation and Parks Department requested that the design include provisions for an extension to the Olentangy River Road bikeway.  Stone Environmental included the expansion in its plans, and then was selected to design an approximate 2,000 foot extension to the trail.  The project included development of a detailed site plan, preparation of construction drawings, review and coordination with the City of Columbus Transportation Division, Recreation and Parks, and the Division of Sewerage and Drainage.  Because a portion of the bikeway was located within Franklin County and the City of Worthington, additional coordination was needed with the Franklin County Engineer and the City of Worthington Engineer.  Design included a 40 foot by 10 foot prefabricated steel bridge to span an existing storm water outfall, several hundred feet of retaining wall, and drainage relief for a portion of improperly graded drainage ditch.  Special consideration and coordination was given to ensure the project did not encroach upon ODOT right of way for State Route 315.

Underdrains were placed for approximately 400 lineal feet of the trail to drain an area subject to ponding.  Structural calculations were made for the bridge foundation and loadings that were over a large sanitary sewer.  Design also included the specification of solar powered flashers at Troon Trail.