East Fork Lake State Park

Restroom and Wastewater Collection System Upgrade
Clermont County, Ohio

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Stone Environmental was awarded a 3-year, $275,000 contract in 2009 with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to provide water and wastewater engineering services at four of its state parks. The contract was expanded by $110,000 in November 2011. At East Fork Lake State Park. Stone Environmental evaluated the condition and performance of 10 lift stations that resulted in proposed improvements to 9 of the stations and removal of 1 station from operation. Both submersible and suction lift pumps were evaluated using a matrix of costs and subjective factors.

As part of its term contract, Stone Environmental undertook a project to upgrade rest room facilities at the Park. The project included the evaluation of the structural, electrical, and mechanical conditions at 10 rest room facilities, and the detailed design of improvements to meet ADA, electrical, and plumbing code requirements. Stone Environmental developed detailed bid specifications and provided resident project representation construction services for this project.