Springville Marsh State Park

Environmental Assessment, Seneca County Ohio

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) manages this approximate 50-acre state nature preserve in Seneca County. Before it became a preserve, portions of the site were used as an industrial disposal site for a nearby battery manufacturer. Carbon rods and possibly other materials were disposed on the site. As part of its environmental contract with ODNR, Stone Environmental investigated this site to determine the extent of dumping that took place and what constituents remained in the soil as a result of the dumping. Stone Environmental completed a detailed Phase I ESA performed according to Ohio VAP protocol, and followed up with a Phase II ESA of the property, also performed in accordance with Ohio VAP standards. The information generated from the two reports were filed with Ohio and U.S. EPAs, which used them to convince the responsible parties to remove the waste materials from the site and restore the area to its natural conditions.