Highlands Park Wetland Restoration

Westerville Parks and Recreation Department, Westerville Ohio

While Highlands Park had a functioning wetland, over the years it silted in and was overgrown with invasive cattail species.  A plan was developed to enhance the vegetative community and expand the boundaries to best utilize the available space. This increased area will both improve the habitat quality and allow a greater buffering capacity for storm water run-off and filtration. Scattered open water areas will function as habitat for fish and waterfowl, as well as act as a trap for suspended sediments.

Stone Environmental, as a subcontractor to MAD Scientist & Associates, was responsible for developing the construction plans and specifications to redevelop the area into a working wetland system with several small water pools, a fore-bay area and micro pool which outlets to Spring Run a tributary to Alum Creek..  Stone Environmental prepared the base map using a survey developed by others, and designed the grading, outlet structure, and reconfigured pond contours.  Construction documents were developed following City of Westerville standards and Stone Environmental answered contractor questions during the budding phase and provided input during construction.