Environmental Compliance Services

Stone Environmental has experience in preparing permits for air and wastewater discharges, general storm water permits for industrial facilities, and NPDES permits for direct wastewater discharges. We have experience in preparing SPCC and SWPP plans, hazardous waste contingency plans, integrated contingency plans, inspection forms for air permits, and annual reports for Toxic Release Inventory and SARA Title 313 reporting.

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Environmental Due Diligence

Stone Environmental has extensive experience completing ASTM 1527 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for vacant properties, hotels and institutions, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Phase I ESAs are completed for property development or to secure financing.

We also complete Phase II intrusive investigations to determine soil and groundwater conditions as well as asbestos assessments to determine the condition of building materials.

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Site Civil Engineering Design

Stone Environmental uses current releases of AutoCAD software to develop site construction drawings, including demolition plans, site layout and dimension plans, utility drainage, grading and erosion control plans, and storm water pollution prevention plans. We try to incorporate sustainable practices such as water reuse, permeable pavement, and reflective pavement into our design plans.

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Site Remediation

Stone Environmental’s site remediation design services include a wide variety of approaches. These include soil excavation, confirmation sampling and off-site disposal, groundwater pump and treat, and soil vapor extraction.

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Water and Waste Water Engineering

Stone Environmental has assisted municipalities, government agencies, and institutions with the design of water supply, treatment and distribution projects and wastewater collection and treatment systems. Our wastewater engineering services also include on-site systems.

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Storm Water Management

Stone Environmental works closely with architects and developers to develop storm water management systems to meet governmental standards. As much as possible, we try to include sustainable components such as rain gardens, storm water harvesting, permeable pavers, and underground detention into our designs.

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