assessment servicesSTONE has extensive experience in environmental assessment for all property types. We also complete Phase II ESA intrusive investigations to determine soil and groundwater conditions as well as asbestos assessments to determine the condition of building materials. Our Ecological services cover a wide range of issues from wetlands to species-specific threatened and endangered Species evaluation.

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Transaction Screen Assessments (TSA)
Phase I ESA (ASTM, HUD, SBA, Lender-specific, OHFA, Fannie Mae)
Phase II ESA
Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW)
Vapor Encroachment
Soil, Water, Groundwater Sampling
Wetland Delineation
Stream and Wetland Assessment
Environmental Resource Review
Water Quality
Remote Sensing
Habitat Evaluation
Aquatic Ecology Studies
Species-Specific Surveys
System Design
System Implementation
Groundwater Monitoring
Closure Plans and Assessment
Tier I investigations
Tier II risk assessments
Contamination Delineation
Ohio Petroleum UST Release Compensation Board (PUSTRCB) Claim Administration
Waste Characterization
Baseline Sampling
Notice of Demolition and Renovation Form
Site Evaluation
Drilling and Testing Programs
Field Reconnaissance