Design & GIS

design GIS servicesSTONE uses AutoCAD® and GIS software to develop site drawings, including demolition plans, site layout and dimension plans, utility, drainage, grading and erosion control plans, and storm water pollution prevention plans. We have assisted municipalities, government agencies, and institutions with the design of water supply, treatment and distribution projects and wastewater collection and treatment systems.

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Site Design and Engineering
Construction and Contract Documents
Site Compliance Plans
Utilities and Improvements
Bike and Trail
Parking lots
GPS Field Data Collection
Spatial and Imagery Data Analysis
Data Management
High Quality Map/Figure Creation
Site Analysis
Federal/State/Local Data Acquisition
On-site Wastewater Systems
Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment
Campground Sewer Upgrades
Package Plants
Potable water well siting and design
Pump Station
Sanitary sewer system design
Water main design
Wastewater pretreatment system design
Wetland and Stream Mitigation Plans
Stream Relocation
Wetland Design
Demolition Plans
Remote Sensing
Slope Stability
Subsurface Evaluation
Groundwater Concerns
Geotechnical Recommendations
Scour Analysis
Flood Modeling
Culvert Design
Floodplain Coordination
Temporary Access Fill
Emergency Plans
Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Erosion control and stormwater management
Temporary Access Fill