Stone Environmental Gives Back to the Community

Camp Wyandot, a nonprofit corporation, is a 100-acre campground located in Hocking County, Ohio. The camp has its own water supply wells and an on-site wastewater treatment plant constructed in 1965, which discharges to Clear Creek, a tributary of the Hocking River. Stone Environmental was hired to evaluate the sanitary sewer collection system and treatment facility on the campground.

The collection system consists of a series of gravity sewers discharging from three separate septic tanks located at different locations around the camp. Not only do the shower houses discharge to the various septic tanks, but also toilet and kitchen wastewater runs down to a trickling filter that serves the complete facility.

After evaluation, John A. Lytle, Vice President at Stone Environmental, designed the upgrades needed to be made to the trickling filter treatment system. Various treatment plant upgrades, including replacement of the media and installation of new dosing and distribution equipment for the trickling filter, along with installation of new 20-watt ultraviolet disinfection equipment were designed and constructed. Stone Environmental also recommended replacement of two of the three existing septic tanks (two were structurally unsound), and installation of a new grease interceptor for wastewater discharges from the camp kitchen.

A project of this size is estimated at $60,000 to $70,000, but Stone Environmental upgraded the system for less a quarter of this price because they believed in the mission of the camp and wanted to help the camp remain in good standing with federal and state regulations.

“We have taken our kids to this camp, had family reunions here and we wanted to help the camp to continue to provide kids the opportunity to experience nature,” Lytle said.

Stone Environmental also prepared the Ohio EPA Permit-to-Install application and the USEPA NPDES permit application for the camp.

camp-wyangot-1 The project was completed in 2012. The camp continues to provide an inclusive environment for youth to have fun, create friendships, serve others, and experience the outdoors. To learn more about the permits and services we can provide to your industry, check out our projects page!


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