Stone Environmental Restores Malabar Farm’s Groundwater System

For more than 15 years, a form of groundwater remediation had been in place at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Malabar Farms maintenance facility in Richland County, Ohio. The existing system had been unsuccessful in remediating the site and required a new design, operating, and maintenance system. ODNR selected Stone Environmental to reassess the site and to design and install a system that would remove petroleum hydrocarbons and residual hydrocarbons from the soil and groundwater resulting in a no further action (NFA) status from the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR). Stone Environmental also completed and submitted the application forms and five Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Regulation Control Board (PUSTRCB) claims for reimbursement of remediation costs.

Malabar Farms
A complete reassessment of the site was completed by Stone Environmental, which included the installation of additional soil borings and sampling of existing monitoring wells. Based on the results of the additional subsurface investigations, Stone Environmental designed, permitted, and installed a combination soil vapor extraction and groundwater treatment system to address the petroleum hydrocarbons in the subsurface media. It was determined through extensive subsurface investigations that these compounds dissolve in the groundwater as the level varies, depending on rainfall conditions.
Stone Environmental completed and submitted the NPDES discharge permit application to allow the treated effluent to flow to an on-site pond which discharges to the Mohican River. The NPDES permit requires monthly sampling and reporting of influent and effluent conditions. Stone Environmental performed the sample collection, prepared the monthly report, and submitted the results to Ohio EPA using the Ohio EPA’s online EDMR reporting system.

“What was unique about this project was that the site consisted of an operating farm and maintenance facility open to the public. As a result, we were able to have a lot of interaction with the staff and visitors on a regular basis while performing fieldwork on-site. We had the opportunity to explain what we were doing, why we were doing it, and how it would benefit human health and the environment,” said Jon Zanders, Project Field Manager at Stone Environmental.
Stone Environmental performed quarterly groundwater monitoring and reporting following methods and procedures described in the monitoring plan portion of the BUSTR-approved Remedial Action Plan (RAP). Stone Environmental developed and submitted the RAP for approval prior to implementing the remediation system.

The system went online in February 2012. The Final Closure Report was submitted to BUSTR in June 2013 and NFA status was granted by BUSTR in August 2013. The system was decommissioned and the groundwater monitoring wells were properly abandoned, restoring the site to its original state.
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