300 Bridge Inspection Surveys – OHM Advisors / ODOT – Various, Ohio

As part of a Statewide Municipal Bridge Inspections task order throughout ODOT Districts 5, 6, and 10, STONE provided bridge inspection services for City/Village-owned structures as a subconsultant to OHM Advisors.  To date, STONE has inspected over 85 bridges.  Specific bridge inspection activities included:

  • Scour Tasks– Performed scour assessments, scour plans of action (POA), and analysis. Bridges were reviewed for scour susceptibility and inspected in accordance with Metric 18. Existing POAs for Scour Critical bridges were reviewed and implemented.
  • Load Rating Tasks– Verified plan information and accuracy of field measurements, including deficiencies and additional loads that could affect capacity.
  • SMS Structure Inventory and Review– Reviewed Inventory Records and updated SMS as necessary. Special attention was given to bridges on the National Highway System (NHS) since they will receive element level inspections and all items must be quantified.
  • Inspection Procedures– Followed existing Fracture Critical Plans and, for new bridges, developed new Fracture Critical Plans in accordance with the ODOT Manual of Bridge Inspection.  Identified fatigue prone details by category and site-specific access constraints.  Followed existing Critical Finding Procedures whenever a Critical Finding was discovered during an inspection.
  • Bridge Inspection– Reviewed inventory and inspection records and identified any red flags or additional work items. Made particular effort to adhere to schedules established by previous inspections and critical deadlines to maintain federal compliance.

STONE personnel completed all tasks according to client expectations and in a timely manner.

“Bayshore Environmental is very pleased to have engaged STONE to conduct a Phase II assessment of a contaminated commercial property.  The technical staff at STONE worked with us to develop an excellent program that entailed soil and groundwater sampling, testing and removal of drums of waste petroleum products, and the remediation of contaminated soil.  STONE conducted the work in a timely manner, produced an excellent report that was tailored to meet our needs, and all at a very reasonable cost.  We are pleased to endorse STONE and look forward to working with them in the future.”