Abandoned Gas Station Grant Cleanup – Union County Land Reutilization Corporation – Marysville, Ohio

The site consisted of an inactive, former Clark Gas Station including three, 7,500-gallon gasoline underground storage tanks (USTs), former pump islands, and overhead canopy. A gas station was in operation at the site since at least 1929.


STONE provided numerous services, including:


  • Conducted an Asbestos Survey of the structure for potential asbestos-containing materials (ACM).
  • Completed an Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP) Phase I Property Assessment (PA) and Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) which included sampling of soils and groundwater.
  • Coordinated and contracted with a UST removal contractor for the closure and remediation activities.
  • Completed a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey to determine UST locations.
  • Completed the UST closure and Interim Remedial Action (IRA) Tier I assessment per the Ohio Bureau of UST Regulations (BUSTR) requirements.
  • Oversaw the removal of USTs and associated piping, pump islands, and overhead canopy.
  • Oversaw the removal and recycling of 1,326 tons of petroleum contaminated soil (PCS) and 16,450 gallons of petroleum contaminated water (PCW).
  • Aided the client in obtaining financial assistance from the Ohio Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant fund, including management of invoices.
  • Provided coordination between the owners, state regulators (BUSTR), and subcontractors (removal contractor, laboratory, disposal/recycling facilities).

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