Air Base Environmental Compliance Plan – Mansfield ANG – Mansfield, Ohio

The project included interior demolition of concrete block/brick, asbestos abatement, and remodeling as well as exterior installation of utilities, storm sewer structures, concrete apron, and landscaping.  STONE completed a site walk through with the Contractor and Contracting Officer in order to identify conditions related to environmental compliance in and adjacent to the site and document these conditions in a summary report. The site review included addressing concerns with:

  • Natural Resources
  • Historical and Archaeological Resources
  • Stormwater
  • Solid Waste
  • Wastewater
  • Hazardous Materials and Wastes
  • Spill Prevention and Control
  • Air
  • Noise

The EPP was then developed to aid the contractor in compliance with environmental regulations and protection of environmental resources. The EP:

  • Described roles and responsibilities;
  • Defined procedures;
  • Defined training needs; and,
  • Referenced other environmental documents (e.g., SWPPP).

The contractor was not able to start work without the EPP. STONE provided the EPP within one week of completing the field visit at the base.

“STONE is made up of accredited professionals who are uniquely qualified to handle all important environmental issues. They are also friendly and always readily available to handle any challenging environmental issue for our Company.”