Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) Survey – Salt Fork State Park Beach House Buildings – ODNR – Lore City, Ohio

STONE provided an ACM Survey for the Beach House Complex at Salt Fork State Park. Three buildings – consisting of men’s and women’s restroom/shower houses and a concession stand – were slated for renovation, and an ACM Survey was being requested prior to renovation. STONE conducted the ACM Survey in general accordance with NESHAP regulations. A representative from STONE certified by the State of Ohio as an Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialist visited the buildings to visually observe for suspected ACM. All interior rooms and accessible exterior areas were observed to determine the homogeneous areas (HAs) of suspect ACM. The buildings were then assessed for suspect ACMs, including thermal system insulation (TSI), surfacing materials, and miscellaneous materials.

Representative samples of suspected ACMs from each HA were collected. The samples were placed in air-tight, plastic bags, and sample equipment was cleaned with “wet wipes” between sampling events to minimize the potential for cross contamination. The bulk samples were analyzed for asbestos via Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) and/or transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The EPA defines ACM as any material containing greater than 1% asbestos fibers. Based on the analysis, ACM was identified and recommendations for its maintenance were made.

I am writing to thank you (Hank) and STONE for the services you performed for the site civil design (CC-plans and Site Compliance Plan), preparation of construction documents and specifications, and obtaining approvals through the City of Columbus for our new V&S Columbus Galvanizing LLC facility. Your ability to meet our tight schedule, stay within engineering construction budgets, and provide a quality end product was critical to the completion of the site work for this project.