Criteria Document Services – ODNR Tranquility and Indian Creek Shooting Ranges – Ohio

ODNR desired the reopening of the Tranquility Wildlife Area 25 and 100-yard Shooting Ranges (“Tranquility”) and the repurposing of the Indian Creek Wildlife Area Rifle Trap Range to a 25 and 50-yard distance Shooting Range (“Indian Creek”). A Criteria Document was to be developed to facilitate the scope and quality requirements for the proposed Design-Build (DB) project delivery method. Mull & Weithman (M&W) was retained by ODNR as the Design Criteria Architect. M&W requested STONE to assist with development of road, drainage, environmental, and ecological aspects of the project. The main Criteria Document services included:

1. Criteria Document Development, which included:  Topo mapping and boundary work standards; Drainage; Remediation standards; Waterway Permitting; and Roadway (Tranquility only).
2. After DB Team selection, review design drawings (DD) and specifications, focusing on adherence to schedule, budget, and project criteria.

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