Criteria Document Services – ODNR Tranquility and Indian Creek Shooting Ranges – Ohio

ODNR desired the reopening of the Tranquility Wildlife Area 25 and 100-yard Shooting Ranges (“Tranquility”) and the repurposing of the Indian Creek Wildlife Area Rifle Trap Range to a 25 and 50-yard distance Shooting Range (“Indian Creek”). A Criteria Document was to be developed to facilitate the scope and quality requirements for the proposed Design-Build (DB) project delivery method. Mull & Weithman (M&W) was retained by ODNR as the Design Criteria Architect. M&W requested STONE to assist with development of road, drainage, environmental, and ecological aspects of the project. The main Criteria Document services included:

1. Criteria Document Development, which included:  Topo mapping and boundary work standards; Drainage; Remediation standards; Waterway Permitting; and Roadway (Tranquility only).
2. After DB Team selection, review design drawings (DD) and specifications, focusing on adherence to schedule, budget, and project criteria.

Thanks so much for the friendly and professional service. Your speedy and thorough methods are making my building acquisition go very smoothly.