Dam Filter Berm – ODNR – Lake White State Park, Pike County, Ohio

STONE completed an environmental review of the 4,200 foot long Lake White Reservoir dam as part of a team providing professional services to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). STONE’s role was to review historic and existing data, including watershed/hydrology, past ecological data, past Section 401/404 waterway permitting and related activities, as well as threatened and endangered species concerns. STONE’s ecological staff completed a field visit to observe the areas around and upstream of the dam at Lake White. A large forested floodplain wetland was observed along the toe of the existing dam and related structures. STONE assisted the designer in understanding waterway permit requirements and timing, including costs for mitigation, coordination with regulatory agencies, and need for threatened and endangered species studies.

Working under DLZ, STONE also provided surveying services and developed construction plans for the proposed filter berm to be placed downstream of the dam, which needed to be completed on an expedited schedule. Our services included layout of boring locations, topographic survey of limited areas, converting previous as-built plans into a workable MicroStation file for base mapping, developing grading plans, cross-sections, access road details, general notes, and calculation of quantities. The plan set consisted of over 50 sheets. Services also included storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) preparation as part of the construction plans, and the storm water notice of intent (NOI) for the project.

I just wanted to reach out to both of you & all of Stone for your outstanding effort, due diligence & professionalism on this project.

I’m certainly no ESA expert, but I was blown away by the detail contained in your report, especially given the tight timeframe that was required for delivery.

Please know that your work at Walnut Grove is very much appreciated by everyone here at POAH.

For the record, I am now a huge fan of Stone Environmental, and I hope we will continue our working relationship well into the future.

Doug Dempsey, POAH