Design and Permit to Install (PTI) for Water Use Metering – Industrial Client – Columbus, Ohio

As part of an effort to reduce sewage fees being charged to the facility, STONE prepared the design drawings and Permit to Install (PTI) for required water and sewage flow meters. The Powder Activated Carbon regeneration conducted at the plant requires a large amount of water, but does not release the equivalent amount of fluid to the sewer (as measured at the water inflow meter). The City of Columbus gave direction that the most effective method of measuring water inflow and industrial outflow and domestic/ residential outflow would be to install meters at various points of supply and discharge to provide clarity and reduce the charges for the sewer services. STONE assisted the client by reviewing existing piping, meter locations, waterline feeds, sampling points, and flow sensors. STONE then provided a basic schematic of the inflow and outflow and existing and proposed meters and prepared the general site schematic of water and sewer piping. STONE then prepared the final Design Report with Construction Drawings and the associated City of Columbus PTI.

“We are impressed with the expertise and commitment of STONE. Mary Sharrett is an excellent team player that worked closely with us individually and as a group. She orchestrated the team into a solid, focused, well organized and highly professional group. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship between our organizations.”