Design-Build Repair and Replacement of Existing Bridge Abutment and Approach Slab – Columbus, Ohio

Following completion of a bridge inspection with the potential for catastrophic failure, STONE provided services to prepare various design alternatives for the bridge repair. STONE also investigated U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permitting requirements, and completed the associated ecological assessment. The local requirements for the City of Columbus (COC) were also addressed, including building permit requirements and the need to complete pre and post CCTV video for the City’s utilities which ran beneath the bridge abutments. As part of the design alternatives, STONE obtained contractor quotes for the construction. In the “Bridge Repair Abutment Alternatives Summary”, the three design alternatives presented to the client included costs, expected life span, and life cycle cost of each alternative. The costs included design and construction of the repair, maintaining traffic across the bridge during construction, and needed USACE and City coordination.


STONE met with the owner to discuss the pros and cons of each alternative. Following the owner choosing the design alternative, STONE worked with the contractor in completing video of the utility lines running beneath the bridge abutments and observed the contractor performing the work. The new bridge abutment was constructed in two phases with approximately half of the existing abutment being replaced during each phase so that vehicular traffic could be maintained. STONE provided an as-built drawing to the client upon completion of the work.

Regarding a Phase II ESA during Christmas week – Thanks for all that you did on this one. The Borrowers didn’t love the expense, but they really appreciated how conscientious you were in delivering this on time for us to close!! As did I!