Preserve at Raccoon Creek – Ecological and Threatened and Endangered Species Survey and Waterway Permitting – Pulte Homes, Johnstown, Ohio

STONE was retained to assess 95 acres of land for streams, wetlands, and other resources for the proposed residential development. The client desired to begin development within an expedited timeframe. Several wetlands and headwater streams were identified, as well as two major streams. All resources were delineated and assessed, and a delineation report was submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for review.


STONE worked closely with the client as the design was being finalized to modify site plans in order to minimize impacts to resources. The reduction of impacts qualified the project for a Nationwide Permit 29, however cultural resources and threatened and endangered species also needed to be addressed. STONE completed in-depth coordination with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) prior to and part of the Nationwide permit to received approval for tree clearing prior to a required summer mist net survey for bats. STONE subsequently coordinated the mist net survey for the remaining property. Two covenant areas were developed around two major streams on site to serve as stream mitigation for the project. The client was able to being development in the planned timeframe.

V&S gives you and STONE a Job Well Done with regards to obtaining our NY Source Air Permit. Your timely responses and air flow modelling were invaluable. The regulator even commented to me that you were really good and he was impressed.