Engineering and Environmental Services – ODNR Lake La Su An Wildlife Area – Pioneer, Williams County, Ohio

STONE provided engineering (survey and drafting) and environmental services for this project at the southern manmade dam embankment at Lake La Su An. STONE conducted a topographic survey and processed the survey data to create a topographic surface showing existing features in one-foot contours. This included surveying the lake bottom from the edge of water to approximate 20-30 feet into the lake. STONE then developed project plan sheets for the proposed structure (lift station) replacement design performed by DLZ. The lift station issues resulted in a sinkhole which was impacting the stability of the dam embankment.

A STONE ecologist observed the survey area for the presence of wetlands/waters of the U.S./state, and provided documentation of the presence/absence of these resources by preparing a Preliminary Jurisdictional Waters Delineation report. STONE also determined the need for waterway permitting, and prepared the Nationwide permit application submittal to the USACE Buffalo District, which was subsequently approved without comment.

I can’t thank you enough for everyone’s hard work on this difficult project.  Your team was very diligent and very professional.  Jeff really fought for us at the city planning meeting. We finally got an approval from the city and I couldn’t be happier.  Please keep up the great work.  I will recommend your firm to all my contacts. Hats off to your staff. You should be proud.