Environmental Audit – Washington Court House, Ohio

STONE assisted this processor of packaged bacon and other food products with its environmental compliance at operations in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Washington Court House, Ohio, and Frontenac, Kansas. STONE worked at each plant as well as ancillary facilities in these and other locations. Services included a variety of tasks including development of Slug Discharge Control (SDC) plan, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan, and Industrial Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) for each of the above sites as well as industrial wastewater pretreatment design and permitting.

Environmental Audits – STONE completed detailed environmental compliance audits at each site. The findings were used to develop a program of environmental compliance updates including new SPCC and SWP3 plans and SDC plans for each site.

Storm Water Management – At its Washington Court House facility, Sugar Creek Packing experienced an off-site storm water discharge from an oil loading operation. STONE designed improvements to the storm water containment system at the company’s oil storage tank area to direct all spill into a sump for discharge into the a tank, thereby eliminating the risk of a discharge to the nearby storm sewer.

Spill Plan Revisions – As the various facilities expanded over the years, the company made revisions to its SPCC plans to address the various risk areas in its plants. This included the development of an enclosed tank farm at its Dayton facility, which STONE designed to manage the generation and transfer of recovered cooking oil to waiting tanker trailers for off-site reuse. This recovered oil was sold to various vendors, and the amount generated per day was sufficient to recover the investment in the tank farm building and piping system over a relatively short period of time.

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I am writing to thank you (Hank) and STONE for the services you performed for the site civil design (CC-plans and Site Compliance Plan), preparation of construction documents and specifications, and obtaining approvals through the City of Columbus for our new V&S Columbus Galvanizing LLC facility. Your ability to meet our tight schedule, stay within engineering construction budgets, and provide a quality end product was critical to the completion of the site work for this project.