Compliance Assistance, Training & Environmental Consulting – Ohio Steel Industries – Columbus & Summit Station, Ohio

Since the 1990s, STONE has provided environmental compliance assistance to this structural steel fabricator, whose processes include contract manufacturing and plastic extrusion at two locations in central Ohio. STONE assists the facility in meeting compliance regulations through training, permitting, design and sampling; provides assistance when upgrades or line changes are needed; and provides specialty services as requested. STONE has provided the following:

  • Environmental Audits – includes a walk-through review of chemical handling and disposal procedures, storm water management procedures, and plant records and reports
  • Semi-annual wastewater sampling and flow monitoring (SDMR Sampling)
  • Wastewater system upgrade evaluation and design
  • Slug Discharge Control Plans
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • SWP3 and SPCC Plan Preparation, updated as Ohio General Permit conditions have changed
  • NPDES Renewals
  • Air Emission Analysis, Permitting and quarterly/annual reporting
  • Employee Training for Storm Water sampling, environmental compliance, waste handling, visual air monitoring, and EPA online data entry
  • SARA Title III 312 reporting

Most recently, STONE was contacted to help ensure that the facility was meeting the SPCC plan procedures developed by STONE following a spill of transformer oil. The spill was from an accident by a non-affiliated company. With many parties involved, STONE provided guidance and documentation for the facility. Confirmation sampling was also performed by STONE subsequent to the clean-up.

I can’t thank you enough for everyone’s hard work on this difficult project.  Your team was very diligent and very professional.  Jeff really fought for us at the city planning meeting. We finally got an approval from the city and I couldn’t be happier.  Please keep up the great work.  I will recommend your firm to all my contacts. Hats off to your staff. You should be proud.