Environmental Investigations – Troy and Marysville, Ohio

Schafer Oil is a bulk oil distributor and owner of several service stations and convenience stores located in Ohio. STONE has been the company’s environmental representative since 2000 and has assisted the company with various Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulation (BUSTR) projects as well as storm water management.

Tier 1 Delineation – Troy, Ohio – For this convenience and fuel dispensing store, STONE completed a site check and subsequent Tier 1 delineation of the site following the discovery of a petroleum release from a leaking fuel dispenser. Off-site borings and subsurface soil testing were necessary to determine the full extent of contamination, and the location of the store in a sensitive area due to ground water resources, complicated the delineation process.

BUSTR Compliance – Marysville, Ohio – This project is unique in that the source of petroleum contamination was difficult to identify due to numerous potential sources and a high concentration of underground utilities. Petroleum contamination was discovered in soil and groundwater on an adjacent property during utility construction. STONE completed a comprehensive assessment of surrounding properties that represent potential sources of petroleum contamination that can be migrating along the utility line excavations. STONE also completed a preliminary assessment of the soils at the Marysville Marathon and surrounding sites in order to assess subsurface soil vapor and groundwater pathways that may affect migration routes. STONE worked closely with BUSTR to complete investigations in a timely manner.

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