HTRW Investigation – Cadiz, Ohio

The Village of Cadiz needed to complete a Wastewater Collection System Improvement project which contained a total of 14,370 linear feet of proposed sewer and 117 manhole structures. In order to determine if there were the possibility of any environmental conditions associated within the proposed system piping corridors and structure locations, STONE completed a Phase I Hazardous, Toxic, & Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Investigation. The HTRW included review of historical records, environmental database listings, aerial photographs, city directories, historic insurance maps, as well as a site reconnaissance to observe the entire proposed sewer alignment. STONE provided knowledge to the Village of areas of potential concern as part of construction activities for installation of the new system.

V&S gives you and STONE a Job Well Done with regards to obtaining our NY Source Air Permit. Your timely responses and air flow modelling were invaluable. The regulator even commented to me that you were really good and he was impressed.