In-Lieu Fee Project Delineations – The Nature Conservancy – Various, Ohio

STONE performed high level wetland delineations on over a thousand acres of land being assessed by The Nature Conservancy for potential In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Projects. Over 50 wetlands and streams, including Category 3 wetlands and Class 3 streams, were delineated with minimal revision following site visits and reviews from the USACE. Several sites were untouched and included rare and sensitive plants, which required expert identification. Several Federal and State listed species were located, including a new population of running buffalo clover (RBC). The project required quick turnaround, and often involved complex delineation scenarios, high quality resources, and potential for listed species. STONE utilized extensive delineation and Ohio EPA assessment index expertise to appropriately delineate and assess resources.

Thanks to your team for assisting us with this project. Your attention to detail and efficient communication made this job go very smoothly from an environmental standpoint. I am certain that your team also made things easier for our PE and TM, helping them keep things in order while completing the project.