Kropp Road Drainage Outlet Improvements – Franklin County Engineer – Grove City, Franklin County, Ohio

STONE completed preliminary through final engineering for this important storm water drainage project. Krebs Ditch, approximately 7 miles of old county petition ditch, installed as early as the 1920s, is located in the area of Kropp Road, extending from approximately Lukens Road to Norton Road, and outlets to the Hellbranch Run. The piping is over 20 feet deep in some areas. Some mapping and camera investigation noted a section of 24-inch diameter storm pipe that was of concern for existing development and infrastructure. Further investigation of the system, development of alternatives to rectify the concerns (such as replacing the section), and ultimate design of the solution was desired.

STONE performed preliminary data gathering and mapping to determine project conditions, and to define the area to be evaluated in detail. This included topographic and property boundary survey work completed by STONE. After communications with the client, STONE then proceeded with collecting preliminary field survey data and development of alternatives and associated costs. The design process moved forward as the evaluation of alternatives was made. Final design plans included details on temporary and permanent right-of-way take needed to install and maintained the proposed infrastructure upgrades.

We just wanted to say how nice it’s been to work with you and your team!   Everyone has been very knowledgeable, supportive and easy to work with.  The experience we’ve had in Ohio has been better as a result of the time we have spent with your team!   Have a great week and we hope to work with STONE in the future.