LOR-113 Roundabout – American Structurepoint – Lorain County, Ohio

STONE produced right-of-way plans for construction of this roundabout at the intersection of State Route 113 and County Road 51 in rural Lorain County. STONE produced the right-of-way plans using PowerGEOPAK (i.e., MicroStation plus GEOPAK, the ODOT software package predating OpenRoads Designer) and wrote the legal descriptions for nine proposed parcels. STONE also designed and produced the signing and pavement marking construction plans and produced the lighting construction plans. ODOT included plan sheets 93, 95, and 109-110 as the model plans for providing reference monuments of roundabout centerline geometry, and included these sheets in its statewide right-of-way sample plan set. See sheets 15-18 at the following location:

“Very professional, always thinking out of the box offering suggestions to the project.”