Muskingum University Phase I ESAs – New Concord, Ohio

STONE performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) on two dormitory properties in connection with proposed renovations. The purpose of the assessment was to identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs), including historical recognized environmental conditions (HRECs), and controlled recognized environmental conditions (CRECs) as defined by ASTM in connection with the Subject Property.

A review of reasonably ascertainable and practically reviewable public records for the Subject Property and the immediate vicinity was conducted to characterize environmental features of the Subject Property and to identify past and present land use activities, which may indicate evidence of RECs.

Interviews with appropriate local officials were conducted to consider local knowledge of hazardous substances or petroleum products on the Subject Property or on adjacent sites. In addition, past and current Subject Property owner(s), operators and key occupants were interviewed regarding the potential for contamination at the Subject Property to the extent they have been identified by the client and that information likely to be obtained is not duplicative.

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