ODNR Bridge Inventory – ODNR / American Structurepoint – Various, Ohio

STONE assisted American Structurepoint with developing a system to prioritize the replacement and repair needs of ODNR bridges and place them into a 5 or 10 year capital improvements plan based on available budget restraints. The plan was based on annual inspection reports and fine tuned with field observations. One goal of the system was to make it relatively simplistic and easily maintainable.

The primary factor used in prioritizing the bridge replacement and repair needs is the General Appraisal rating obtained from annual inspection reports. Once bridges that need to be replaced or repaired were identified, they were inspected in the field with the intent of creating a prioritization relevant to the other bridges needing replaced or repaired. Once completed, the prioritization would not change significantly over time except for unforeseen circumstances, such as collision damage.

V&S gives you and STONE a Job Well Done with regards to obtaining our NY Source Air Permit. Your timely responses and air flow modelling were invaluable. The regulator even commented to me that you were really good and he was impressed.