Malabar Farm State Park Remedial Action for Contamination – ODNR – Lucas, Ohio

As a result of environmental investigations at this Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) state park, STONE was contracted to prepare and implement a remedial action plan (RAP) per the approval of the Bureau of Underground Storage (BUSTR) and the Ohio EPA for contaminated soil and groundwater resulting from former leaking USTs. The RAP described the remedial activities to be implemented and their proposed target levels for clean-up, the remedial actions that have been completed and their effectiveness, and other remedial actions that were considered, focusing on the reliability, effectiveness, cost, and time needed for completion and the rationale for selecting the proposed program.

STONE prepared a conceptual schematic design of the soil and groundwater remediation system, a detailed description of the operation and monitoring plan, description of the reporting frequency and content of reports, listing and description of permits that are required, and implementation schedule and projected completion date of the remedial action including submission of the completion report. A combination soil vapor extraction and groundwater treatment system was designed, permitted, and constructed.

The system was approved as designed, and STONE personnel managed the construction of the system and the operations. Components of the construction administration included coordination of the contractors and utilities needed to get the system up and running, and review and approval of contracts and invoices from vendors. STONE managed the remediation system operations and completed the sampling and lab analysis activities. STONE also prepared reimbursement reports to the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board (PUSTRCB) and succeed in recovering approximately 80% of the incurred costs. The site received a No Further Action letter from BUSTR after 18 months of operation.

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