ODOT Animal-Vehicle Collision Program – Ohio

STONE is working to develop ODOT’s future Animal-Vehicle Collision (AVC) Program. STONE’s initial role was to bring this abstract concept to a fully formed plan. STONE’s first step included development of a Research Report, in order to define:

• Benefits for the Program (Safety, Ecological, Monetary, Regulatory Compliance)
• Methodology for Collection of Data
• Identification of Opportunities to Minimize Costs (including using existing phone and computer applications for data collection)
• Ability to Integrate Collected Data into ODOT’s Existing GIS system
• Quality Control
• Program Next Steps (including identification of concerns and opportunities)

STONE engaged other Departments of Transportation and industry experts nationwide to create a comprehensive and adaptable plan specific to Ohio’s goals. Following this initial task, STONE received a new contract to fully develop the Program for ODOT, which is currently underway. STONE is working with ODOT in integrating data into ODOT’s TIMs Platform, so that information gleaned from various sources can be readily available for designers, and considered (and known) at the start of each project.

“The work was done well and on time and we appreciate it and will definitely keep you in mind on future projects.”