Elementary School New Water Well and Treatment System – Grove City, Ohio

STONE was contracted to site and permit a new water well and water treatment system for a new Elementary School proposed for the existing school site. STONE was contracted to site the new water supply well, direct the pumping and chemical testing for the new supply well, select a water supply pump, and design the treatment system to meet the hardness reduction and arsenic reduction requirements for the water supply.

Key challenges with this project were locating the new water well on a very cramped site where more than 60 geothermal wells were planned along with an underground storm water detention system. In addition, the tight site required that storm sewers constructed within the isolation radius of the water well be designed using high density polyethylene pipe.

The design plans for water treatment system included an arsenic reduction system, since concentrations of arsenic in the raw water were above the water quality standard of 10 ug/L. A proprietary arsenic reduction system was selected and approved by Ohio EPA. The plans and equipment specifications were submitted to Ohio EPA where they underwent a detailed review before being approved.

Stone Environmental does great work. I’ve referred Mary Sharrett to many communities who need HTRW Investigations.