Site Compliance Plan – Columbus, Ohio

STONE conducted a topographic survey including locating existing topographic features, observable and marked/ located utilities, and existing improvements within the project area. The survey was used to process an existing surface showing the existing features and existing 1-foot contours. A boundary survey was also created showing all property corners. Utilizing the information obtained though the surveys, in addition to copies of additional existing records, STONE prepared a Site Compliance Plan (SCP). The SCP showing the existing site and proposed improvements was submitted to the City of Columbus for review and approval. STONE faced the challenge of making an existing building (30+ years old) and parking lot comply with current zoning and design standards. Through careful planning STONE was able to show the City of Columbus that stormwater runoff was not being increased, and therefore a stormwater management system was not needed. Also, the landscaping requirements were met in addition to providing additional green space. This provided significant cost savings to the client and allowed sale of the property to move forward.

Thanks to your team for assisting us with this project. Your attention to detail and efficient communication made this job go very smoothly from an environmental standpoint. I am certain that your team also made things easier for our PE and TM, helping them keep things in order while completing the project.