State Endangered Primrose-Leaved Violet Relocation – Scioto County, Ohio

STONE was retained to complete a survey and relocation of the state endangered primrose-leaved violet (PLV) (Viola primulifolia) on a site with the potential to be impacted by highway construction activities.  The survey identified approximately 100 to 120 specimen of PLV within a small area (approximately 60 feet by 20 feet) of the site. STONE coordination with both ODOT and Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) determined that the specimens required relocation. Relocation methodology involved digging up individual PLV specimen and groups of PLV specimen with as much soil mass surrounding the plant(s) left intact as possible and placing within 5-gallon buckets for transportation. Because available suitable habitat within the parcel appeared limited, ODNR suggested relocating the PLV to a known suitable habitat area within Rhododendron Cove State Nature Preserve (RCSNP), approximately 78 miles northeast of the site in Sugar Grove, Ohio. Approximately 90 percent of the PLV population were successfully removed from the site and relocated to the RCSNP. Each PLV specimen was planted within the RCSNP in a semi-disturbed pipeline ROW, which contained relatively open canopy and moist to wet conditions. ODNR recorded the PLV’s new locations using a Global Positioning System (GPS) and plans to monitor the success of the relocation.

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