Stormwater Runoff Research – ms consultants / Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of Research
Ohio Statewide Project

STONE is currently part of a team with ms consultants and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to complete a stormwater research project. The intent of the research project is to evaluate post construction best management practices (BMP) alterations in order to obtain credit for stormwater volume reduction through infiltration and evapotranspiration. It is desired to develop plans using common Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) highway construction equipment, materials, and practices for installation of the vegetated filter strips. STONE’s role includes:

  • Meetings with ODOT and Ohio EPA
  • Development of Conceptual Amendment Plans
  • Assist with the identification of Research Sites
  • Amendment system Installation Observation
  • Research Evaluation and Input

As part of the first phase of the project, STONE prepared the “Soil Amendment Design Alternatives Summary and Final Recommendations” report. This report provided design for the soil amendment plans to be used in vegetated filter strips (VFS). VFS are generally located along roadways, in areas with gradual vegetated slopes, between the roadway shoulder and edge of the water conveyance (e.g. ditch). VFS generally reduce runoff through infiltration, storage, and evapotranspiration. Amended VFS (AVFS) have the ability to increase the amount of stormwater infiltration within the same area. Amendment materials researched included natural and manufactured materials. To manage costs and constructability, materials identified were readily-available in Ohio, materials that Ohio highway contractors typically deal with, and materials that were not cost prohibitive. Based on the goals of the project, the materials researched, discussions with the research team, and the desire for usable data to be analyzed following post construction monitoring, initially three amendment designs and two depths were reviewed. Following further research in input from ODOT and the team, final recommendations were made along with recommendations for construction installation practices.

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I am writing to thank you (Hank) and STONE for the services you performed for the site civil design (CC-plans and Site Compliance Plan), preparation of construction documents and specifications, and obtaining approvals through the City of Columbus for our new V&S Columbus Galvanizing LLC facility. Your ability to meet our tight schedule, stay within engineering construction budgets, and provide a quality end product was critical to the completion of the site work for this project.