Topographic Survey – Ohio State Fairgrounds Play Area – ODNR – Columbus, Ohio

STONE provided topographic survey services for an area located in the southeast corner of the Ohio State Fairgrounds, known as the “Natural Resources Park.” The survey noted readily observable and marked/located utilities, improvements, trees, etc. within the project area. The survey data was processed and a topographic surface created that showed existing features. Topographic mapping was in one-foot contours, and two vertical site benchmarks were set. The deliverable was a base map in AutoCAD format, with survey data on the Ohio State Plane North Coordinate System and the NAVD 88 as established by GPS.

“STONE has provided industrial environmental compliance auditing on several project sites for Amec Foster Wheeler during the last 18 months.  They are very thorough, prompt, and knowledgeable in implementing the work.  Sharon and STONE are focused on customer service, which is refreshing.”