New Galvanizing Plant – Voigt & Schweitzer (V&S) LLC – Columbus, Ohio

Voigt & Schweitzer LLC manufactures hot dip galvanized steel products primarily for the construction and transportation related industries. Prior to purchase of this site, Voight & Schweitzer contracted STONE to perform a Phase I ESA of the property. STONE then was retained to provide engineering services for environmental permitting and site development of the approximately 13-acre site where a new 50,000 square foot manufacturing building and associated outdoor storage and parking areas would be constructed.

A City of Columbus Site Compliance Plan was prepared that depicted the entire project and showed utilities, setbacks, easements, access roads, sidewalks, paved and unpaved areas, and other related structures. This plan was routed through all City of Columbus divisions for comments. Detailed plans for construction were then prepared, including storm water management, drainage calculations, utilities, site grading, sidewalks, and roadways. Work included coordination of utility improvements with the building architect and MEP consultant, as well as a site layout that included a stream corridor protection zone.

STONE also prepared separate Notices of Intent (NOIs) for construction and industrial storm water discharges, associated SWP3s, the Ohio EPA air permit to install and operate application for the zinc kettle and acid cleaning tanks, and the City of Columbus wastewater discharge permit application.

“STONE is an instrumental part of our team on the Portsmouth By-Pass Project: the 16-mile new construction project, which is the single largest project in ODOT history. This project has come with more than its share of environmental challenges. STONE has delivered over 30 full environmental clearance reviews and reports we have requested as part of the project, handling them from start to finish in a very timely & cost effective manner. Furthermore, they’ve proven themselves as an extremely valuable resource when it comes to consulting on mitigation efforts, hazardous materials, and resolving various unknown environmental situations that the project has encountered.


From the top down STONE has proven they are committed to excellence and we look forward to working with them on many projects in the future.”