Wastewater Meter Design-Build – Food Processor – Columbus, Ohio

For this food manufacturing company, STONE designed a monitoring manhole for process wastewater sampling and flow monitoring. The client had been instructed by the City to submit an engineering plan and drawings for the installation of a manhole and sample site suitable for flow proportional composite sampling of the process wastewater discharge. The facility was considered a Category II facility, which required a flow proportional sampling site and flow meter and, for below grade installation, an open pipe flume or weir installed in a manhole or vault. STONE collected basic elevations of the pertinent connection features for the proposed structure and then coordinated equipment requirements with City specifications, including the capability to wirelessly signal the City’s wastewater sampler for collection. As to design, STONE determined the type of flow meter; including manhole, connections, and display; provided specifications for installation; prepared detailed plans showing the site, equipment, and other required items as part of the Permit to Install (PTI). STONE also completed the as-built survey and coordination of the final inspection with the City.

“STONE has provided industrial environmental compliance auditing on several project sites for Amec Foster Wheeler during the last 18 months.  They are very thorough, prompt, and knowledgeable in implementing the work.  Sharon and STONE are focused on customer service, which is refreshing.”