Wright-Cooper Bank Stabilization – Unnamed Tributary to Alum Creek – Delaware County, Ohio

An unnamed tributary to Alum Creek Reservoir was experiencing severe erosion along a section of its bank at a private residence. The bank was severely sloughing the patio and deck structure, causing a risk of structural stability loss and posing a safety risk to the residents when using the patio and deck. A preliminary review indicated that the stream bank needed to be stabilized, impacting approximately 150 feet of stream. STONE completed a stream habitat assessment, and assisted in completion of the proposed restoration plan, which included relocating the stream to its original flow channel (prior to meandering), installing rock channel protection along the eroding cut bank, backfilling the area, and implementing a planting plan along the area. STONE also submitted a waterway permit application to receive a Nationwide Permit (NWP) from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). In addition, STONE’s senior project engineer provided construction observation of activities performed by the construction contractor.

“… The team at STONE has been great to work with.  They are our environmental experts.  They are responsive on turn times and competitive on price. STONE helps us understand the true environmental risk that we may face.  STONE is our “go to” partner for Environmental Services. “