Environmental Site Assessments ā€“ Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks ā€“ Various Central Ohio Properties

STONE has completed over 80 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for the Metro Parks since 2001, covering a land area of approximately 3,200 acres. All projects were completed pursuant to the applicable ASTM standards. As such, each ESA included detailed historical and current information reviews to determine current and past land uses, methodical site reconnaissance, photographic documentation, and interviews with those familiar with the site, such as owners/occupants and local agency officials. Comprehensive written reports of the findings were assembled, including figures and photographic presentations. All reports were submitted with relatively quick turnaround times.

STONE also completed several Phase II ESAs for the Metro Parks where recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were identified. In one case, an automobile junkyard encroaching on a site warranted a Phase II ESA. STONE worked closely with the property owner, surveyors, and Metro Parks to identify property boundaries and create a modified sampling plan to see if operations at the junkyard adversely affected the site. The location was densely wooded and not accessible by pick-up truck or drill rig, presenting a unique challenge to the development of the sampling planning process.

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I just wanted to reach out to both of you & all of Stone for your outstanding effort, due diligence & professionalism on this project.

Iā€™m certainly no ESA expert, but I was blown away by the detail contained in your report, especially given the tight timeframe that was required for delivery.

Please know that your work at Walnut Grove is very much appreciated by everyone here at POAH.

For the record, I am now a huge fan of Stone Environmental, and I hope we will continue our working relationship well into the future.

Doug Dempsey, POAH