KNO-229 Bank Stabilization – Verdantas – Knox County, Ohio

STONE produced construction and right-of-way plans for stabilization of the erosion along the Kokosing River adjacent to State Route 229 in Knox County. This was accomplished mainly by construction of J-hook and riffle header structures within the river. STONE produced the construction plan set in OpenRoads Designer, which included translating and incorporating a proposed surface and other stream design data in Civil 3D from Verdantas. Right-of-way design and plan production was completed by STONE. STONE produced right-of-way plans in OpenRoads Designer and wrote legal descriptions for two proposed parcels.

I just wanted to reach out to both of you & all of Stone for your outstanding effort, due diligence & professionalism on this project.

I’m certainly no ESA expert, but I was blown away by the detail contained in your report, especially given the tight timeframe that was required for delivery.

Please know that your work at Walnut Grove is very much appreciated by everyone here at POAH.

For the record, I am now a huge fan of Stone Environmental, and I hope we will continue our working relationship well into the future.

Doug Dempsey, POAH