Development of Regulated Materials Review (RMR) Manual – ODOT Office of Environmental Services (OES) – Columbus, Ohio

STONE was retained to develop the protocol and manual detailing ODOT’s approach to identifying and handling regulated materials (RM) concerns on all Ohio ODOT and Local Public Agency (LPA) Projects.  The goal of the RMR was to establish a legally defensible process that no RM concerns exist on a project site or that existing RM concerns are properly addressed during construction.  The manual details the procedures for initial review, on-site assessment, and sampling/analysis and provides report templates. Communication was key in the process, with our staff interviewing multiple ODOT department staff and ODOT District Environmental Coordinators, to develop practices which fit into the differing requirements between departments. STONE took on a project with a history of difficulties and successfully accounted for all client requests, preferences, and updates to deliver a result praised for its “logical, clear, and standardized” presentation of the RMR process.

Thanks. I know that you have a good reputation in the community and have suggested you to my client as well.