OSU Stormwater Master Plan – The Ohio State University – Columbus, Ohio

STONE helped develop the On-site Stormwater BMP Toolbox template to be incorporated into the University’s Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP). The SWMP is a long-range plan for the University to comply with City requirements for water detention and quality, and will allow the University to consolidate stormwater management. The BMP Toolbox kit provides the University a tool to decide the best and most applicable BMPs to implement for site-specific development where off-site detention is not provided. BMPs researched and included as outputs in the toolbox were wet basins, wetland basins, bio-retention basins, sand filters, green roofs, blue roofs, underground storm chambers, underground storage vaults, pervious pavements, and hydrodynamic devices. A ‘case-study’ analysis was performed on prototypical redevelopment sites within campus to test the BMP toolbox kit parameter inputs and outputs and determine the best BMPs to implement for each site.

The largest challenge in developing the SWMP for the University is that there is a large and ever-changing development scheme for the University as a whole. Therefore, adaptability and considerations of long-term development goals needed to be incorporated into the plan.

Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) Level of Commitment scores were developed by STONE in addition to the BMP toolbox. The BMP toolbox template generates the best BMP options for a site given the input parameters and requirements, but the I&M Level of Commitment worksheet assigned scores to the individual BMPs so that cost of labor hours and equipment could also be considered when ultimately choosing the appropriate BMPs to implement for a site.

“We are pleased with your team’s responsiveness and plan design efforts on ROS-23-19.46 intersection improvement project.  Keep up the good work!”