R&D Environmental Risk Assessment – Mount Vernon, Ohio

STONE was asked to evaluate oil storage, spill prevention, spill containment, and spill countermeasures (SPCC) at this Research & Development facility due to concerns related to two oil-cooling systems installed outdoors at the facility. STONE conducted a site visit escorted by knowledgeable facility personnel to determine the risk of a reportable spill release and SPCC applicability. Notes and photographs from the site visit were used to determine that the facility requires a SPCC Plan, but the oil-cooling systems did not require spill containment due to the qualifying oil-filled equipment exemption. STONE summarized these findings and provided recommendations to mitigate oil spill/release concerns in a letter report to the client.

The client was interested in containment solutions that required low-to-no maintenance to avoid potential containment failure due to poor maintenance oversight. Since the oil-filled equipment was located outdoors and not under a roof, any open spill containment would have been subject to collecting stormwater and would require regular emptying. STONE suggested covering the equipment and spill containment area to minimize stormwater collection and required maintenance.

STONE brought additional value to the client by identifying that the R&D facility would not need its own SPCC Plan, but could instead be included on the existing Plan for the primary manufacturing facility with the same address, to which it operates as an annex.

We have contracted STONE over the past 10 years to assist us with various environmental issues including environmental compliance audits, developments of our facility’s SPCC and SQPP plans, preparation of chemical inventory or Tier 2 reports, and other related environmental services. STONE always responds promptly and provides quality environmental service in a cost-effective manner.