Water Service Line and System Evaluations – Columbus, Ohio

STONE completed an evaluation of the water service system for this multi-building condominium complex. The water service system had been installed at different times over the span of almost 30 years. The system was encountering consistent line failures and breaks. Repair methods were inconsistent, and only some repairs were tracked. Many of the repairs included splices and mixing of pipe materials. STONE was requested to help understand the current system operation and condition, as well as the root cause of the failure issues. STONE’s services included meetings and interviews and plan reviews for the layout and construction of the system, GPS surveying of waterline structures, and pressure testing of residential water hookups.

STONE worked closely with the client in order to provide accurate information in order to develop recommendations for potential solutions. STONE provided the condominium association a map of the water system layout, including appurtenances, along with a table summarizing the various pipe materials, sizes, and installation/repair age for the mains and service lines. Along with the system information, STONE provided information on acceptable materials for future repair and replacement work and suggestions on how to approach future repair/replacement work.

Thanks. I know that you have a good reputation in the community and have suggested you to my client as well.